Meet the Crew

Teton County Fire & Rescue Department has a detailed and competent training program (known as a Total Program Management System) in place to keep up the skills of all its firefighters. All of the department’s full-time firefighters are certified as Firemen I or II by the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress. All of the department’s EMTs and Paramedics are trained and certified by accredited programs. The Total Program Management System ensures that all EMS skills are kept proficient; ensures that all Continuing Education Units are met; and provides regular, hands-on skill verification. This program has been administered by the Division Chief of EMS and Training.

The department has been a part of the EMS System in Teton County since 2007 when it received a non-transport EMT Basic license from Idaho’s EMS governing entity. In February 2012, the department received a paramedic-level, non-transport license.

For years, the fire department has been a vital part of the close-knit community in which we live. On a regular basis, the department provides personnel to cover events such as skijoring, Music on Main, county parades, July 4th events, athletic events, rodeos and more. The Teton County Fire & Rescue Department is committed to continuing its tradition of public service.


Your Teton County Fire & Rescue Crew:

Chief and Division Chiefs:

Chief Bret Campbell

Div. Chief Earle Giles III

Div. Chief Ed Schauster

Div. Chief Jonathan Wisby


Capt. Jared Colson – Paramedic

Capt. Austin Geiger

Capt. Tate Hoyle

Capt. Jerry Moore

Capt. Kevin Bollar – Paramedic

Capt. Tim Ruhrup – Paramedic

Drivers, Operators & Firefighters:

Jeremy Caulkins – Driver/Operator

Adam Fletcher – Driver/Operator

Joe Hurlburt – Driver/Operator

Chris Plennes – Driver/Operator

John Wilbrecht – Driver/Operator/Paramedic

Mike Wright – Driver/Operator/Paramedic

Nate Brown – Firefighter

Corey Gittus – Firefighter

Rodney Teel – Firefighter

Caleb Mullins – Firefighter/Paramedic

Rebecca Parkinson – Firefighter

Kevin Vallade – Firefighter

Gregory Steele – Firefighter/Paramedic

Scott Hansen – Firefighter/Paramedic

Charis Schreiber – Firefighter/Paramedic

Reserve Firefighters: Images Coming Soon

Kane Brightman – Reserve Firefighter

James Hlavaty – Reserve Firefighter

Mikel Parsons – Reserve Firefighter

Ryan Thompson – Reserve Firefighter

Teashia Dale – Reserve Firefighter

Jenny Kruger – Reserve Firefighter

Jackson Pauroso – Reserve Firefighter

Brianna Leaver – Reserve Firefighter

Marilynn Davis – Reserve Firefighter/Paramedic

Janna Drew – Reserve Firefighter/Paramedic

Jose Ortiz – Reserve Firefighter

Martin Pallas – Reserve Firefighter

Casey Ward – Reserve Firefighter