Capt. John Wilbrecht

Name: John “Hans” Wilbrecht
Years of Service: Since 2006
Hometown and Years in Teton Valley: Jackson, WY; Moved to Teton Valley in 1997

Personal Details (family and hobbies): Married, with a son born in 2012. We have a small farm in the Fox Creek area. We have horses, chickens, goats, dogs and cats, grow hay and occasionally grow a garden. My father, John, was a refuge manager for the US Fish and Wildlife Service until he retired as manager of the National Elk Refuge. I grew up in many places across the country and ended up in Jackson when I was 12. I try to get my elk every year, but you know how that can go.

Why did you want to become a firefighter?: I started my career in the fire service, like many people, in the US Forest Service fighting summer blazes. I moved to Teton Valley and ran a residential construction company for 10 years. In 2006, I saw an ad in the paper looking for volunteers for the Fire District and joined the recruit class. Volunteering was the most rewarding experience I have ever had and felt that I really got to know the community I moved into during that time. I had never thought of the EMS side of the fire service until the District offered me a job in 2007 as a Driver/Engineer and also required that we train and license as EMT’s. I found the challenges significant with the diverse training and skills required to both fight fires and provide patient care. It was a natural fit, and I kept diving deeper into training and advancement. I was promoted to Captain in 2011 and moved to Victor, Station 2 to work. In 2011, I finished my paramedic class and received my Idaho paramedic license in March of 2012. I continue to enjoy the immense challenges the job brings and the satisfaction of bringing stability and safety to the community I love. I look forward to raising my family in this beautiful place and hope to do my part to make it the best community possible.

Training Highlights:
International Fire Service Accreditation Congress
Firefighter I – 2006
Firefighter II – 2007
Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator-Pumper – 2008
IFSAC Evaluator – 2010
National Fire Academy
Strategy and Tactics for Initial Company Operations – 2011
FEMA – Emergency Management Institute
National Incident Management System (NIMS) – 2007
Incident Command System (ICS) 100 – 2007
Incident Command System (ICS) 200 – 2007
Incident Command System (ICS) 300 – 2008
Incident Command System (ICS) 400 – 2008
Incident Command System (ICS) 700 – 2009
Incident Command System (ICS) 800 – 2009
Idaho Emergency Services Training Programs
Level I State Fire Instructor – since 2011
Idaho State Certified Fire Inspector – since 2007
Extrication Awareness and Operations – 2006
Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations – 2006
Rapid Intervention Team Training – 2008
Fire Behavior/Flashover Survival – 2006
Building Construction –2010
S-130/S-190 Basic Wildland Fire Training
S-215 Fire Operations in the Wildland/Urban Interface
Idaho State EMS Bureau – EMS Instructor
American Heart Association – ACLS Provider
NAEMT – EPC Provider
American Heart Association – CPR Instructor

Firefighter Commendation Award – 2010
Unit Commendation Award – 2008
Unit Commendation Award – 2009
Unit Commendation Award – 2010
Unit Commendation Award – 2010

Special Projects/Community Service:
EMS Operations Officer
CPR Instructor
Local 4667 Secretary/Treasurer: 2008 to 2010